Our Services


Public Relations


To fully promote your brand story to the public, we suggest getting it in front of the media. We guide you through this process by identifying key messages, target audiences and pitching strategies to help anchor your story.

  • Strategy & Schedule

  • Press Kit

  • Press Release

  • Desk Visit

  • Press Event

  • Media Relations

  • Media Analysis



There are a variety of influencers out there and it can be cumbersome to find and connect with the right ones that best fit your brand story. We are able to help pick and choose the right ambassadors for you.

  • Strategy & Schedule

  • Research Influencers

  • Influencer Agreement

  • Influencer Campaign Execution

  • Influencer Campaign Analysis

Social Media


From tweeting to gramming to pinning, we can assist with your organic and paid social media needs.

  • Strategy

  • Content Creation & Publication

  • Creative Photography

  • Community Management

  • Social Media Analysis



Our Process


Connecting your business goals with PR & Marketing activities

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How can PR, Influencer Marketing and Social Media get you to those goals? We can help answer those for you.


Identify key messages in your story and connect them to target audiences

You don’t need to reach everyone in the world! Start small and work your way up.


Strategize on what activities make sense per goals, messages and audiences outlined

There are many activities that can be executed but which make sense?